freddy_newspaperFreddy Diaz started in the bar business at a young age. He started bartending in 1994 for large corporations, although he’s always been an entrepreneur with his own vision in the cocktail and bar business. Diaz has always had the mind-set of “You can’t keep what you have, unless you give it away”. He enjoys sharing knowledge to new and seasoned industry professionals on a journey to collectively continue to elevate the spirits and cocktail culture. Diaz has traveled the world in search of the next cocktail trend and concept along with visiting a few distilleries along the way. Within those jet-settings, he’s managed to also open and train staff at countless bars all over the globe. He’s spoken at seminars for hospitality professionals’ at the most recognizable cocktail & spirits trade shows and best cocktail markets the U.S. has to offer. Diaz has always had “passion” for developing and crafting artisanal cocktails to precise symmetry in order to capture all of the senses. In 2005, he began designing cocktail programs for large luxurious high-end hotels and bars, in which some were classified as Five Stars, Five Diamonds, and/or both. “Cheers Beverage Excellence” recently awarded one of his programs as the “Best Chain Signature Drink Program”.

A lot of his passionate work, cocktail creations, and awards have also been seen in the Miami Herald, WSVN Channel 7, NBC, CBS, Miami New Times, Palm Beach Rocks, Sun Sentinel Broward, Ocean Drive Magazine, Nightclub & Bar Magazine, Vibe, Univision, Haute Living, Examiner, Delta Sky Magazine, just to name a few.He has also placed and won his fair share of cocktail competitions across the U.S. Diaz’s is open minded to all styles of drinks and cocktails but his heart is set on the classic cocktail approach with a modern twist. Since 2013, he’s been a part of “Collectif 1806” and very happy to be part of the founding of the group “Thirsty Revivalist”. “Much like that idea of long ago, Collectif 1806 believes that the intentional mixture of our collective passion and talent can be strengthened into something greater. A new era. Today, we are gathering like-minded individuals over a cocktail and the common pursuit of reviving this time-honored tradition.” It’s said that, “Freddy Diaz is one of the most acclaimed mixologists in Florida”. His cocktails utilize classic modern techniques to stimulate the senses and a sixth sense he likes to call Passion.”

freddy_newspaperPhilip Khandehrish – Originally from Iran, (Half Assyrian, quarter Greek and quarter Persian) has been in hospitality industry since he was 18 and began bar tending at 21 with an involvement of almost two decades in the industry.  Working at fine dinning establishments like the Forge Restaurant, The Mayfair Hotel, and Grove Isle Hotel & Spa has given him the experience to take him to the next level.  His evolvement has given him the opportunity to lead the cocktail concept at the Setai Hotel in Miami Beach.  This has expanded his knowledge of flavors, the ability to pair, present cocktails with intense balance and creativity. Philip has placed top 5 for the US in Bombay Sapphire’s search for the “Most Imaginative Bartender” competition in 2014 along with winning many others.  Philip also worked as a Brand Ambassador and knows all aspects of the business.  He has worked at AlambiQ since their establishment since 2009, currently a partner, and focuses on cocktail development, cocktail event catering, and education.  Philip has also been seen in recent publications such as Miami NewTimes, Ocean Drive Magazine, Spirited Miami, and GQ Magazine just to name a few

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