Since AlambiQ was founded in 2009 our vision has remained consistent. The return of our clientele and long lasting partnerships is the proof of our success.  We take pride and “passion” in what we deliver and produce exemplary results. We have revolutionized the industry with cutting-edge techniques and innovation regarding cocktails, events, brand sales, and warrior brand marketing backed up by our teams energy and strength to carry and execute commitments.

Our unstoppable drive and force to take our partners in the bar industry to the next level has never been an obstacle regardless of the business size, calling, and/or engagement.

We craft ambrosial cocktails with precise symmetry to stimulate all five senses in addition to what we call the sixth sense… passion!


“Freddy Diaz is surfing the crest of a wave which contains a large pool of mixology and bar consultancy talent in FL. I normally see Freddy when I travel to Miami and it’s a pleasure to be around a professional of his caliber.” – F.M.

“Creative, innovative and highly motivated. The talent Freddy brings to the bar scene is impressive and could add significant value to any bar he consults for.” – A.U.

“outstanding performance. I had never experience anything like that before” – L.B.

“Freddy has the right combination of beverage expertise, business knowledge and flair. I have hired and work with him on events and drink developments with great results.” – O.L.

“Freddy has what I call the “Stuff”. This guy is an excellent business partner to work with and I would recommend him to anyone.” – N.R.

“I have worked with Freddy on various projects and have always had the pleasure in doing so. He is a great mixologist with new and creative ideas to take things to the next level. He puts his heart into his work and it clearly shows through his creativeness and his attention to detail. He has won various competitions and has a great reputation in our industry. I look forward to working with him on future events.” – C.O.

“Best Plymouth Gin coctaik ever.” – L.H.